The 6th International Conference on Predictive Models in Software Engineering

Co-located with ICSM'10, at Timisoara, Romania

Sept 12-13, 2010



Note: submissions to this conference are now closed for 2010.

By submitting to PROMISE, the author(s) agree to the following conditions, if their paper is accepted:

  • Submit a final, revised, camera-ready version of the abstract by the deadline specified for camera-ready abstracts,
  • At least one author must register for the conference.
  • At least one author must attend the conference to give an oral presentation of their research.

Types of Papers

Papers for PROMISE 2010 can be either full research papers or student symposium papers. The purposes of the category are to help the Program Committee recognize the broad direction of your paper, and to distribute the papers to appropriate reviewers. When you submit your paper, you must use a different url for each type:

  • Submit full papers to:
  • Submit symposium papers to:

Your choice will not influence whether your paper is accepted or rejected. However, you should note that student symposium papers will not be published with the ACM (put they will appear in all official descriptions of the PROMISE'10 proceedings).

Structured Abstracts

In order to better faciliate the dissemination of our empirical results, it is a requirement that all PROMISE papers (both full research papers and student symposium papers) begin with structured abstracts.

The format for the structured abstracts can be found at

IMPORTANT: Papers that do not offer structured abstracts will NOT be reviewed.


Submissions and final camera-ready versions must follow the ACM SIG Proceedings style. Word, Word Perfect, and LaTex templates can be found here:

The submitted version of your paper must be in Adobe pdf. Please use an available tool to convert your Word or LaTex output to pdf.

To Submit Conference Papers

Conference papers should be submitted here:

To Submit Student Symposium Papers

Student symposium papers should be submitted here:

To submit data

If the data is small (<10 meg), email it to

If the data is large (>10 meg), place it on a public web site/ftp site and email that url to

In either case, the email should have the title "[DATA]: your paper title"


  • Budgen, D., Kitchenham, B. A., Charters, S. M., Turner, M., Brereton, P., and Linkman, S. G. 2008. Presenting software engineering results using structured abstracts: a randomised experiment. Empirical Softw. Engg. 13, 4 (Aug. 2008), 435-468. DOI=

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