Promise 2009


Download the program: [PDF]

Day 1 : Monday May 18, 2009

  • 09:00 : Welcome/Introduction
  • 09:30 : Keynote 1: Barry Boehm
    • Future Challenges for Software Data Collection and Analysis
      DOWNLOAD: [ppt | pdf]
    • Barry Boehm Prof. Barry W. Boehm is the TRW Professor of Software Engineering and Director, Center for Software Engineering, University of Southern California.
    • His current research interests focus on value-based software engineering, including a method for integrating a software system's process models, product models, and success models. His contributions to the field include the Constructive Cost Model (COCOMO), the Spiral Model of the software process, the Theory W (win-win) approach to software management and requirements determination and foundational work in the area of software risk management and software quality factor analysis.
  • 10:30 : Break
  • 11:00 : Session 1: Experimental Process
    • 11:00 : Can We Build Software Faster and Better and Cheaper? [PDF]
      Tim Menzies, Ousama Elwaras, Jairus Hihn and Barry Boehm
    • 11:30 : A Tree-Based Approach to Preserve Privacy of Software Engineering Data and Predictive Models [PDF]
      Yu Fu, A. Gunes Koru, Zhiyuan Chen and Khaled El Emam
    • 12:00 : Why Data Mining Studies may be Invalid [PDF]
      Barbara Kitchenham and Emilia Mendes
  • 12:30 : Lunch
  • 14:00 : Session 2: Defect Prediction
    • 14:00 : Validation of Network Measures as Indicators of Defective Modules in Software Systems [PDF]
      Ayse Tosun, Burak Turhan and Ayse Bener
    • 14:30 : A Bayesian Network Approach to Assess and Predict Software Quality Using Activity-Based Quality Models [PDF]
      Stefan Wagner
    • 15:00 : Revisiting the Evaluation of Defect Prediction Models [PDF]
      Thilo Mende and Rainer Koschke
  • 15:30 : Break
  • 16:00 : Session 3: Effort Estimation
    • 16:00 : Software Effort Estimation Based on Weighted Fuzzy Grey Relational Analysis [PDF]
      Mohammad Azzeh, Daniel Neagu and Peter Cowling.
    • 16:30 : Making Functional Similarity Count for More Reliable Effort Prediction Mode
      Ozden Ozcan Top, Onur Demirors and Oktay Turetken
    • 17:00 : Convertibility of Functional Size Measurements: New Insights and Methodological Issues [PDF]
      Luigi Lavazza

Dinner, Monday night

when: 7:00 P.M. (in the name of Promises 09)

where: AQUA RIVA: 200 Granville Street, Vancouver, BC

  • Directions: walk 1.5k east
  • Menu

Cost: free (with registration) and you can buy alcohol from a cash bar.

Day 2 : Tuesday, May 19, 2009

  • 09:00 : Keynote 2: Brendan Murphy
    • "Developing accurate risk models requires mathematics, domain knowledge and common sense, although not necessarily in that order?"
    • Brendan Murphy Brendan Murphy is a Senior Researcher at Microsoft Research Centre, Cambridge UK.
    • Brendan works in the Empirical Software Engineering and Measurement (ESM) activities in Microsoft focusing on software reliability, dependability, quality and process issues.
  • 10:00 : Session 4: Industry
    • 10:00 : Practical Considerations of Deploying AI in Defect Prediction: A Case Study within the Turkish Telecommunication Industry [PDF]
      Ayse Tosun, Ayse Bener, and Burak Turhan
  • 10:30 - Break
  • 11:00 - Session 5: Machine Learning
    • 11:00 : Classification of Software Engineering Artifacts Using Machine Learning [PDF]
      Joern David, Jonas Helming, Maximilian Koegel and Bernd Bruegge
    • 11:30 : On the Value of Combining Feature Subset Selection with Genetic Algorithms: Faster Learning of Coverage Models [PDF]
      Jamie Andrews and Tim Menzies
  • 12:00 - Invited Presentation: From Software Engineer to Day Trader in 3 Easy Steps:
    • A Comparison of Software Engineering Data Mining with Financial Data Mining [PDF]
      Gary Boetticher
  • 12:30 Lunch
  • 14:00 - Session 6: Repeatability and Open Source
    • 14:00 : How to Build Repeatable Experiments [PDF]
      Gregory Gay, Tim Menzies, Bojan Cukic and Burak Turhan
    • 14:30 : Modeling Success in FLOSS Project Groups [PDF]
      Justin Beaver, Xiaohui Cui, Jesse St. Charles and Thomas Potok
    • 15:00 : Fault Detection and Prediction in an Open Source Project [PDF]
      Michael English, Chris Exton, Irene Rigon and Brendan Cleary
  • 15:30 Break
  • 16:00 - Session 7: Modeling
    • 16:00 : Using Uncertainty as a Model Selection and Comparison Criterion [PDF]
      Salvatore Alessandro Sarcia, Victor Robert Basili and Giovanni Cantone
    • 16:30 : Building Statistically Significant Robust Regression Models in Empirical Software Engineering [PDF]
      Sandro Morasca
    • 17:00 : Misclassification cost-sensitive fault prediction models [PDF]
      Yue Jiang and Bojan Cukic (Presented by Gregory Gay)
  • 17:30 Wrap-up

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